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Brand Name Food ListA Healthier Choice in Vending

The Brand Name Food List

When students eat nutritious food, they are healthier and better learners. Healthy eating emphasizes fresh wholesome ingredients over packaged processed foods. When packaged and franchised foods are sold to students, the Brand Name Food List helps schools make sure those items meet the Guidelines established by the BC Ministries of Education and Health.

The nutrition standards for Public Buildings are similar to the ones for BC schools, but a major difference is that caffeinated products are allowed. Many Municipalities and Recreation Centres across BC are also interested in applying the nutritional guidelines for public buildings to their public facilities. This is good news for British Columbians!

Healthy FoodWhat is the Brand Name Food List?

The Brand Name Food List makes it easier for BC to create a healthy food environment. Did you know that the package size affects how much you eat or drink? Or that when a food is near you that you eat more of it – whether it’s jelly beans or carrot sticks? If we surround ourselves with lots of Choose Most and Choose Sometimes choices, and no super-sizes, we’ll all eat better!

The Brand Name Food List was created by popular demand. BC Schools and Public Buildings told us that they wanted easy access to an up-to-date list of specific products, rated according to the government Guidelines.

The Brand Name Food List is meant for ready-to-eat, packaged and franchised foods and beverages that require minimal, if any, preparation (ie: reheating, adding water, portioning etc…).

Each item on the List is rated into one of four ‘Choose categories’: Choose Most, Choose Sometimes, Choose Least, and Not Recommended. You can search the List for a specific item, sort the List, and even submit new items to be added to the List.

The focus of the Brand Name Food List is on packaged and franchised foods and beverages, for example items you might find in a vending machine or brought in for a hot lunch. Healthy eating emphasizes fresh wholesome ingredients and limits processed and ready-to-eat packaged foods.

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